GDPR Statement

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GDPR Statement

The EU General Data Protection Legislation came in to force on May 25th 2018 and this document describes how the EfficienC Software Group (EfficienC) complies with its stipulations.

EfficienC is a data controller and a data processor.
The GDPR applies to 'controllers' and 'processors’. A controller determines the purposes and means of processing personal data. A processor is responsible for processing personal data on behalf of a controller. Therefore, EfficienC is a data processor under the GDPR in relation to its customers. EfficienC is also a data controller in that it store and process data about its business partners and staff.

EfficienC and the GDPR
EfficienC’s principle focus is providing software solutions to customers and therefore it processes data according to the instructions of a data controller and so EfficienC is a data processor.

However, all companies must also process data regarding their own customers and staff, so EfficienC will also be a data controller as defined by the GDPR.

EfficienC's compliance
EfficienC is taking the following steps to ensure ongoing GDPR compliance:

EfficienC is a data controller and a data processor.

Helping our business partners .
Data security, and now GDPR compliance, are core functions at EfficienC. Ensuring our customer data is processed in line with GDPR requirements is our utmost priority. However, should a data breach occur EfficienC has procedures prepared for informing our customers as soon as possible and for cooperating in putting any remedial measures in place.

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